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Greetings from London! Yes, long time no post.. But I just moved to a new room and am super excited about decorating it and I am planning to share some ideas with you as well! But now I am in London and will come back to Denmark, where I am living now, only in January. As for now, I have been wanting to tell you about the brand "BIANCO". Due to living in Denmark where the weather is quite often unpredictable, and travelling quite a lot I need to have comfortable footwear. I have to walk much at work, so this is one more reason to look for the very best shoes. For the past few months I was trying to find a pair of super comfortable and stylish booties to wear with my jeans and pants. I came across a Danish brand “BIANCO” and fell in love with their shoes. Not only are they keeping up with global trends, but they are amazingly comfortable to walk in all day long. Browsing through their website, I decided to share some of my favorites:

{*pictures via bianco.com}

1. The super dark brown colour of the shoes is gorgeous and the shape of the ankle is great to give you a nice slimmer look of the leg.

2. Oh, I have a little obsession with anything snake skin-like.. But these high boots will make your outfit stand out whatever you wear.

3. You may have seen such boots in many places, this fall they have been popular, and I would say they look great especially with some jeans.

4. No need to say much.. snake-patterned, black ankle boots are super versatile to wear every day, all day long, exactly how I need :) What do you guys think? Which are your favourite ones? Let me know!


* not sponsored, my personal finding and opinion



Some time ago, I had a chance to visit Belgium. I was curious to see the country where the central important structures of the European Union are located, but they did not impress me much. At least not as much as the country itself. Walking most central Belgian streets you feel as if you are back in history, as most buildings are very well preserved. Of course, without knowing Dutch, French or German is a little hard to communicate with the native people, especially outside Brussels, but it is manageable:).

When going to a new country, I always try to see what it is famous for and experience something. Belgium is known for beer (really good!), chocolate (super delicious pralines!), waffles (you can try..) and french fries with mayonnaise. As you may have guessed, I tried beer, chocolate and waffles. I do not remember waffles well, but I can tell that beer and chocolates are worth trying and bringing as souvenirs. I checked which chocolate companies are worth trying and I was super happy that I went to “Neuhaus”. They allow you to try a few pralines and decide which ones you would like to take. It is a bit pricy, but definitely worth trying! On another note, soon, heading to London! Any suggestions on what to see, where to eat and spend time would be highly appreciated :) Have a nice week!


* all pictures via me



This past weekend I headed to explore a new country, more precisely, its capital Rome. I wanted to have a short get-away to be able to finish all I am busy with now. And it was a chance to visit some friends there. To be honest, I did not expect to like this country so much as I did, maybe because I felt that it is going to be something like Athens (will share this some time for sure), but today when someone asks me where to go, I definitely say - Rome. I understand now why people say that Rome is a real museum. Wherever you go, you will find yourself surrounded by spectacular buildings, history and amazing views of the city.. Not mentioning food and the best ice-cream I have ever had the gelato (http://www.giolitti.it/, definitely check this out when in Rome!).. But I will not say much, pictures can show better:




* pictures via me




Oh, it is so hard to keep upon things you love to do, when you have to meet all the deadlines approaching.. Have any of you experienced that? 2 months left until the new year, but I have to keep up on many things that should be finished until that time. I promised in my first post that I will share why I went to Helsinki. I spent a fascinating week there and would love to come back again! I went there to participate in the “I Love Me” exhibition which is the biggest health and beauty fair in northern Europe. It is a fair for you to come and enjoy yourself!You can have a nice manicure done by professionals, have your hair styled for free, or try a new healthy tea, and it's all going on the whole day! You can buy many goods and services for much less than you would pay regularly in Helsinki. As for me, I had a chance to be there, because I work for a clothing company. Having little time, I went to check how the fair looks like and ended up buying some new tea for presents and myself, and a product for my hair to try. Have any of you participated in such fairs in your countries? What do you like about them?

The picture which was on advertisements and invitations was also seen on the "I Love Me" exit stand.

Every presenting company tries to make their stand attractive to visitors, as for example, "Kauneus & Terveys" magazine stand.
A great chalkboard on "Natural Goods Company" stand where each one of us could sign! The company offers products from the brands that use natural extracts in their cosmetics: http://naturalgoodscompany.com/.

Beautiful decorations on a stand presenting everything you need for a perfect wedding.
Fashion Lounge and Bloggers' Lounge had many activities going on. Some known bloggers from Finland were invited to speak about health and beauty!


 One day! Xo xo

The last two pictures show what I ended up buying, as I had very little time. I generally love tea, especially in the cold autumn and winter evenings, so I was eager to try the tea from the Finnish brand "Forsman Tea" and I liked it. Another thing I got to try is a hair serum from "HerStyler" which has argan oil as a main component. I would say, this hair serum is easily absorbed by hair with no greasy feel too it, and it doesn't leave your hands oily. Also, the smell is amazing! On their very own site the sell it for $50, the box says $75, but you can buy it on amazon.com or ebay.com for a much lower price! Have anyone tried this product or any other products from this company? Let me know what you think!

Lots of Love,

 *All products bought and reviewed by me



Do you like wondering and exploring the world, cultures, people? I simply love doing that! My trip to Helsinki I would consider one of the best trips I have ever had. Helsinki fascinated me with contrasts much more than I could have imagined. I am not by any means an expert in architecture, but I felt like there is a blend of Western and Eastern architecture which gives the city a special vibe. It was impressive to see some neoclassical treasures, for example, the Helsinki Cathedral which reminds of the Russian Church, and after one hour to be surrounded by buildings having the Scandinavian touch. Of course, because of history and the border with Russia there are many people speaking Russian and you can even find Russian shops (see pictures below). As for shopping (of course, I have to mention that..) many brands seen in Helsinki can be found in the whole Scandinavia, although you can find a great variety of European brands, for example “Mango”. Stay tuned to find out what the purpose of my trip was!

{Helsinki Cathedral and Senate Square, via nordicrepublic.com}

 {Streets reminding streets in Denmark}

 {Feeling the Russian influence on architecture}

{Russian souvenirs and books shop}

{Beautiful autumn in Helsinki}